The Best Seasonality Trading Books

If you’re a seasoned investor or new to the game
then this blog post is for you.
A good book can be an invaluable resource in helping us understand why and how Seasonality works
we’ve compiled a list of the top best seasonality trading books that will help you better understand and improve your trading and investing journey.

Seasonality: Systems, Strategies, and Signals by Jake Bernstein

From the Publisher

Presents a real-world methodology for trading the markets using the important concept of seasonality. The concept of utilizing seasonal patterns in making trading decisions is based on the assumption that seasonal influences will cause biases in the movement of market prices. This book reviews the concept of seasonality and presents crucial seasonal timing techniques. It explains how to find the seasonal patterns in monthly and daily cash and futures data, and shows how to formulate a seasonal trading program that incorporates important options strategies and risk management tools.

Stock Trader’s Almanac 2021 By Jeffrey A. Hirsch

the Almanac offers you proven and proprietary trading strategies, including Hirsch Holdings’ “Best Six Months Switching Strategy,” the January Barometer, the Four-Year Presidential Election/Stock Market Cycle, and top Sector Seasonalities

Seasonal Stock Market Trends: The Definitive Guide to Calendar-Based Stock Market Trading by Jay Kaeppel 

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this book will show you how following the calendar–and taking advantage of consistently strong seasonal trends–can help you to achieve long-term stock market success. Kaeppel introduces you to a wide array of seasonal stock market trends–most based on 70 to 100 plus years of actual market data–and identifies objective “rules” for utilizing each one. Along the way, he also presents a process that allows you to track the performance of a given strategy, so that you can gauge its overall effectiveness.

The Seasonality Secrets – Making Money Year After Year by vicky duraiswamy

The Seasonality Secrets - Making Money Year After Year by [vicky duraiswamy]

This book shows you something very very simple to know whether we should buy something or sell something on each calender month (January to December).

Commodity Spread Trading by David Carli

Trading with commodities is the most fascinating and intriguing way to trade, as it includes a characteristic uncommon to any other market: seasonality, correlations, and many other aspects which offer unique advantages.

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