About Us

behind the scenes

SeasonalEdge is a suite of proprietary applications that provide investors and traders the ability to find, analyze, and profit from seasonal patternsThe Seasonal Edge apps allow users to study market behavior data as it relates to specific periods of time and provide future outlooks/predictions by illustrating what similar patterns have historically occurred in markets. These applications employ massive Data mining processing with an intuitive user interface

SeasonalEdge Founded by two brothers who are passionate about the financial markets. we are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Our mission is to provide the best tools and technique that provides the elusive edge needed to win in the markets
And the best part we made it free for anyone to use

meet Robbie Our Amazing aI Engine

Robbie The AI Analyst

Robbie is a brilliant artificial intelligence engine that was created by us to do all the heavy lifting. He was designed using state-of-the-art AI algorithms that are able to learn from experience and take into account new information. he was so successful, we decided to give him his own persona created by deepfake AI technology